Julio Rivera, Founder & CEO OF ZNCO

Julio Rivera, Founder & CEO OF ZNCO

Due to chronic stress, Julio Rivera picked up meditation out of helplessness in November of 2015. A software engineer by trade, he spent mornings, days, and nights coding away trying to accomplish his big dreams in NYC and quickly burned himself out.

After sleepless nights, watching relationships around him suffer, and turning to alcohol and drugs as a way of escape, he quickly came to a point of realization that he better figure out how to deal with stress better. After trying several apps, he saw the benefits of meditation but struggled with making it a daily habit. 

He turned outward to different communities within the city to build relationships with other meditators and teachers, which inspired him to keep himself accountable to meditate everyday.

Leveraging his app development experience, he aims to create an online community for those who cannot access one because of time, resources, or location.