It's an amazing world and meditation helps me see it

I feel the biggest challenge we face as millennials is the media and living up to its unrealistic expectations. Advertising has become so engrained in our culture that we don't even realize how deeply our senses are being stimulated. The never ending lights, colors, sounds, and ideas overwhelm our thoughts, making it next to impossible to walk around with a peaceful mind. There's always something to distract us and the most dangerous part of it all is that these messages are usually detrimental to our inner happiness. We're led to believe that we'll be happy with XYZ, so we spend all of our time figuring out how we can get it. That's the biggest problem we're facing. Our minds are so over-stimulated that we've lost connection with the amazing things happening in the present moment.

I live in New York City and I need meditation. It helps me sort through all of the craziness - family, friends, love, personal goals, financial security, figuring out my next move. It's a lot to manage, even with a peaceful mind. About 4 years ago I took my first class and I know it's played a major role in bringing me to where I am today. And I can say with full confidence that I'm the happiest I've ever felt. Nothing drastic has changed, meditating simply allows me to quiet my mind so I can get in touch with the little things that really make me happy. Things that I can't buy or achieve; I can only experience them with my awareness. I woke up today, the countless colors my eyes can process, the breath I just took, the relationship between my mind and body that allows me to do things like walk or create art. It's really is an amazing world out there and meditation helps me see it.

It was definitely tough in the beginning though. My thoughts would continuously wander and it wasn't easy to sit inside my head. Even though it was a struggle, I always felt more peaceful when getting on the subway to go home after class. That's what kept me going back. All I needed was a little practice and meditation eventually opened up a whole new world of blessings that surround me at all times. It's still a challenge and always will be, but I'm excited to see what else it helps me discover on my journey through life!

The most important thing I've learned is that happiness is the result of a strong mindset. Every morning, I make sure to sit quietly and just be for a few minutes. It's a simple practice, but it helps my consciousness chill out and release built up emotion for the day ahead. I figured out that we all have this amazing ability to let our imagination create our reality, and meditation is what connects me with that power. That's why I founded Grateful Peoples. My goal is to help people tap into our minds' potential and I'll forever be grateful to my meditation practice for helping me do so!

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