Boston-based mindfulness instructor with over two decades of meditation experience, Katherine offers training in attention and awareness while providing integrative practices to promote overall health and wellbeing. Katherine holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Contemplative Practices and has partnered with a wide-range of organizations from Aetna to Ernst and Young, coaching some of the top business leaders in the country. Subscribe to Katherine’s classes on Zen Compass every Tuesday at 6:30am Eastern Standard Time.

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A forty-year practitioner of eastern meditation and a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction educator, Cassie knows first-hand the toxic impact of chronic stress. Prior to her becoming an instructor, Cassie was a Fortune-500 executive and survivor of Multiple Sclerosis. Her 25 years in the industry gave her direct insight in to the effects of stress on the nervous system and the importance of stress-management. Today, Cassie incorporates a ‘mindful lifestyle process’ in her teachings to help others cultivate balance in both work and life.



First introduced to meditation by his mother in 1989, Joshua spent years exploring various practices from Hawaiian Shamanic, Hindu and Sufi to Dzogchen, Taoist and Vipassana traditions. Wanting to bring Vipassana practice to the youth, Joshua began teaching mindfulness to incarcerated youth in 2010. Joshua is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leaders training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center and currently teaches in New York City.